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Overcoming the Candida
It is time to get your life BACK.
My recommendations below come from my personal experience of overcoming and continued of this very challenging monster! Each program came with its own success and challenges. Please email me for guidance or questions and I can help you through the choices. For me personally it has been years of research and a combination of programs that has kept me healthy and so happy.
Whether it is through me, a health coach or Naturopath I recommend having support and guidance through your quest. The typical reaction during a Candida overgrowth program is the ‘Herxheimer reaction’. This refers to the large quantities of toxins that are released into the body when microorganisms die during treatment. It can be very uncomfortable and cause unique reactions that leave you frustrated and ready to quit. Don’t quit! The alternative is much worse than the temporary effects of the cleanse. We can get through this- and you are stronger than you think. So let’s get started!
Linda Allen is a certified nutritionist and former yeast infection sufferer. Her book  teaches you her candida freedom step by step success system, but it is also filled with amazing information about our bodies and supplements. This book goes through how to naturally and permanently eliminate your yeast infection from the root cause and achieve lasting freedom from candida related symptoms. Even if you've never succeeded at curing your candida before... learn the truth about candida and alternative health. Click here for more information.
Do you suffer from immune disorders, candida-related imbalances, or a general lack of well-being? This book was my first experience with Candida and it is still a resource I refer to constantly. A world-renowned system of healing, the BED establishes and nourishes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the digestive tract. The BED shows you how to restore and maintain the important "inner ecology" your body needs to function properly and to eliminate or control the symptoms that rob you of the joy of living. The best part was not just the book but the many recipes and products offered to help achieve your goals. Click here for more information.
Imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning bursting with energy, To have your mind crystal clear, your digestion vital and strong, Your whole being vibrant with health and excited to begin the new day! Your need for answers to your health problems has brought you to doing your own research. Being one of those people who are willing to take responsibility for your health makes you very much like us. We started our searching many years ago. And during that search we came across something that we still think of as a kind of miracle -a box of Threelac™ from GHT. Click here for more information.

Yeast thrives in extremely anaerobic (non oxygenated) conditions.  Syntol facilitates an extremely oxygenated environment, preventing the growth of additional yeast colonies and providing the perfect conditions for indigenous bacterial growth.  Syntol contains a powerful intestinal cleanse to assist in the removal of dead yeast and other bad bacteria from the body. This will protect the body from experiencing detox symptoms from toxins typically given off from the elimination of yeast. Click here for more information.

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